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Dell Precision M6600

"Probably the most interesting feature of the Dell Precision M6600 is the multi-touch screen with stylus – it’s a great function for on-the-go businesspeople who have to work with numerical data"
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An update to the mobile work station that was the Precision M6500, the Dell Precision M6600 offers improvements in a few areas and, overall, is a very impressive, if bulky, desktop replacement option.

What we like most

The Dell Precision M6600 has an LED-lit 17.3 inch HD display (the M6500’s display was 17 inch), so it is a sizable device – but thanks to the great graphics options (Nvidia Quadro 4000M or AMD FirePro M8900) this means that watching videos or photo slide shows on this laptop has a grander feel to it, compared with the crammed and sometimes garishly lit images on other laptops.

The Intel Core i7/i5 processors give you 2.5GHz of processing power and let you surf, work with data, edit different media and stream online content with ease. There is also up to 16 Gb of RAM to work with, making your tasks run that bit more smoothly.

Probably the most interesting feature of the Dell Precision M6600 is the multi-touch screen with stylus – it’s a great function for on-the-go businesspeople who have to work with numerical data, but why you would need it when there’s a perfectly fine keyboard to type on is a bit of a mystery. Nevertheless, a nice touch that will no doubt be welcomed by many.

The keyboard spreads out across the whole breadth of the laptop, with its keys distinct and firmly embedded. The trackpad sits slightly to the left of centre, which might be a bit odd for people who tend to use the mouse with their right hand.

All important connections are supported by the Dell Precision M6600: Bluetooth 3.0, Ethernet and Wireless. There is a 10-in-1 card reader, and, to top it off, a Blu-ray disc writer drive. Film buffs: get excited.

What we like least

Similar to its predecessor, the cost of this machine can go through the roof if you go for all the best available extras – the temptation is always great to add that little extra storage space or the stylus display option, so you’ll have to act with restraint when putting together your Dell Precision M6600.

The verdict

The Dell Precision M6600 definitely lives up to its tagline “mobile workstation”. Having said that, it’s certainly more “workstation” than “mobile” – only the strong-armed will want to take this bad boy on the road. But its processing power, its comfortable keyboard and very strong visuals make this a great, if slightly pricey, desktop replacement option.

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Processor Speed



Intel Core i7 (2920XM)
Intel Core i7 (2820QM, 2720QM, 2620M)
Intel Core i5 (2520M)


Up to 16 Gb

Screen Size

17.3 inch


AMD FirePro
Nvidia Quadro 3000M

Hard Drive Storage

up to 750 Gb




Microphone jack
Headphone jack
10-in-1 media card reader
SmartCard reader


2 x USB 2.0
2 x USB 3.0
1 x VGA
1 x HDMI

Weight & Size

416.7mm (W) x 37.4mm (H) x 270.5mm (D)


10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
802.11 b/g/n Wireless
Bluetooth 3.0

Operating System

Up to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit

Product Description

The Dell Precision M6600 laptop is an upgrade to the already quite powerful Precision M6500, and it manages to strike the balance between presentable, stylish business laptop and powerful, reliable workhorse. Its size and strength also make the Dell Precision M6600 a fantastic option for users who are looking to replace their desktops.

Dell Precision M6600

The Dell Precision M6600 laptop comes with all the neccessary connectivities: Bluetooth 3.0, Wireless and Ethernet are all supported. There is also the option to use the device with multi-touch and stylus technology. This is a very good option for people whose work invovles data entry.

On the Dell Precision M6600′s LED-lit 17.3 inch screen, videos and images look vivid and sharp, and the Blu-ray drive lets users watch films in high quality.

To find out more about the Dell Precicion M6600 and its features, read the PC Site review here.

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