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HP Pavilion DM1

"DM1 comes with Altec Lansing speakers which are most impressive on such a small computer, combined with the LED backlit screen this computer is great for movie watching"
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Part of HP’s ‘Thinspiration range’ this is an ultraportable which at a glance looks like a netbook, this is the smallest of the DM line, and therefore the most readily portable, weighing just 1.5 Kg.

What we like best

The HP Pavilion DM1 is a very handsome computer, the two-tone black and silver with circular pattern on the lid is rather fetching, glossy shell risks smudging but from a profile view this is a cool looking computer. The HP Pavilion DM1 comes with Altec Lansing speakers which are most impressive on such a small computer, combined with the LED backlit screen this computer is great for movie watching, or video conferencing with the integrated 1.3MP webcam.

The AMD processor that comes with the HP Pavilion DM1 streams 780 HD video well, this processor is part of AMD’s Fusion line integrated graphics with the CPU which conserves power and improves general speed of the laptop. You can also by the DM1 with an Intel Dual Core processor, which will assist with multitasking a viable option if your workload is intensive and you find yourself often running more than one application.

With HP’s DM1 you also get a 6-cell battery which is reasonable for a portable system, you’ll get well over 3 hours use on this, and for lighter internet surfing even more.

What we like least

Our major issue with the HP DM1 was touchpad sensitivity, granted with all new computers adjustments need to be made, but it was very trying getting a decent level of sensitivity, and for such a vital feature, it was rather irritating. Upon purchase you will also want to check which programmes are automatically being installed, bloatware will well and truly slow you down.

The verdict

HP Pavilion computers are very reliable and the DM1 is no exception, this is a sturdy and competent machine, it’s not the most powerful laptop on the market but for a portable machine we highly recommend it.

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Processor Speed

1.6 GHz


AMD Dual-Core E-350


Up to 3 Gb

Screen Size

11.6 inch


AMD Radeon HD 6310M

Hard Drive Storage

Up to 320 Gb SATA 7200rpm




Integrated Digital Microphone
2-in-1 digital media reader


3 x USB 2.0
1 x VGA
1 x HDMI

Weight & Size

(W) 290 x (D) 214 x (H) 210 mm
1.6 Kg



Operating System

Windows 7 Home Premium

Product Description

The HP Pavilion DM1 is one of the most portable laptops available; it is only marginally out of the arena of the netbooks, its 11.6 inch screen, svelte design and 1.6 Kg weight make it, at a glance, too small to be a laptop.

HP Pavilion DM1

HP Pavilion DM1

The HP Pavilion DM1’s core components make it a far superior machine to any netbook though; the AMD Radeon processor provides a cool 1.6 GHz you can also purchase the HP Pavilion DM1 with an Intel Dual-Core, which will enhance multitasking if you need to run more than one application at a time on the HP Pavilion DM1.

The HP Pavilion DM1 also packs a decent 6-cell battery, for light use you can get well over 3 hours, for such a portable system this respectable, an 8-cell would push the price higher and we found the HP Pavilion to be good value for money.

If you want to find out more about its features, read the PC Site HP Pavilion DM1 review.

User Reviews

"No complaints, exept the lid feels a bit loose and I got a virus after two months of using it. Working fine now though"


Holly 27 July 2010

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