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Lenovo ThinkPad T420

"The impression of professionalism given off by the Lenovo 420 is strengthened by the fact that the processors on offer are of Intel’s 2nd generation Sandy Bridge variety"
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The Lenovo 420 Thinkpad is the latest in Lenovo’s business range, the Thinkpad series. The main update from the 410 model is a 2nd generation Intel Sandy Bidge processors. PC Site takes a look at this hard-working device.

What we like best

The Thinkpad design is by now well-known among computer users – functional, understated, without rounded edges or corners, and a somewhat mousy colour. But seeing as the Lenovo 420 Thinkpad is mainly aimed at those looking to use it in a working environment, there isn’t really a need to embellish it with optical gimmicks.

The impression of professionalism given off by the Lenovo 420 is strengthened by the fact that the processors on offer are of Intel’s 2nd generation Sandy Bridge variety, ensuring up-to-date performance and speed – they are currently the strongest CPUs out there, and, using Turbo Boost, users can let their chosen CPUs overclock by as much as 0.6GHz. The impressive 4Gb of RAM also helps.

The keyboard is of the softly-softly variety – you won’t have to strain your fingers to write emails or blog posts – and even comes with a noise suppression function (although typing in total silence feels a bit weird). The 14 inch screen is pleasantly bright and fairly unreflective.

Thanks to its strong processors, the Lenovo 420 can deal with some gaming, but it will hit a brick wall in terms of graphics: the integrated graphics chip (as opposed to a graphics card dedicated only to visuals) makes for detail and resolution similar to the earlier Nvidia graphics cards, but 3D gaming will be a disappointment.

What will please workaholics is the fact that the Lenovo 420 stays both quiet and cool even when used for longer than an hour.

What we like least

Considering the super-modern processors the Lenovo 420 user can choose from, it’s a bit odd that there should be no USB 3.0 ports (there are three USB 2.0 ports). The vertical viewing angles aren’t great, either, and the 1366 x 768 resolution isn’t likely to impress either film buffs or gamers with an eye for detail.

The verdict

The basics are well-covered by the Lenovo 420 Thinkpad. Business people looking for a reliable work horse should definitely consider it. It doesn’t offer much in the style and graphics departments, but that is offset by the state-of-the art processor and high RAM specs. When used in conjunction with a battery upgrade to a 9-cell, users will be able to build a very strong mobile work station. At around £1000, it will cost them a fair bit, though.

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Processor Speed

2.70 GHz


up to Intel Core i7


up to 8 Gb

Screen Size

14 inch


Intel Integrated HD NVIDIA NVS 4200M

Hard Drive Storage

up to 320 Gb




Dual HD digital mics
HD Camera


2 x USB 2.0
1 x USB 2.0 eSATA
3 in 1 Card Reader

Weight & Size

(W) 340 x (H) 229.8 x (D) 29.9 mm
2.24 Kg



Operating System

Up to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Product Description

The Lenovo 420 Thinkpad is the latest addition to Lenovo’s Thinkpad range, which in turn has been churning out powerful business laptops for a while now. The most important innovation of the Lenovo 420, as opposed to its predecessor, the Lenovo 410, is the inclusion of Intel’s brand new, powerful Sandy Bridge processors.

The design of the Lenovo 420 Thinkpad is very much in the mould of the models that have come before – i.e. frills-free, solid, unspectacular and functional. This should not put users off, however – it is a very reliable machine.

Lenovo 420 Thinkpad

Thanks to the combination of the Sandy Bridge processors and 4Gb RAM, the Lenovo 420 is a laptop that caters very well to the needs of people in need of a work laptop. It is fast and reliable, with a sensitive keyboard and non-reflective display to boot.

To read more about the new Lenovo 420 Thinkpad, check out or PC-Site review here.

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