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Lenovo G560E

"[for] those of you looking for excellent value and well-rounded machines. The G560E is one of the most popular choices: you get a respectable set of components and a wide 15.6 inch HD screen at a price that rivals that of some netbooks."
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The Lenovo G series is targeted at those of you looking for excellent value and well-rounded machines. The G560E is one of the most popular choices: you get a respectable set of components and a wide 15.6 inch HD screen at a price that rivals that of some netbooks. It is one of the more expensive of the G series but it is also larger and a little bit more powerful than the G550.

What we like best

For an entry level computer, you get some rather nifty features like the OneKey Rescue System, which is makes backing up documents and file recovery much easier. We are also pleased to see Veriface making an appearance. It does seem a bit high-tech for a home use computer, but the function that lets you see who’s been trying to access your computer is reassuring and an excellent way to catch out the snoops in your house. Veriface can also be used to encrypt sensitive files allowing you to use your face as a password.

Lenovo are very good at designing stylish laptops, and true to form, the G560E comes in a handsome pinstripe which is less easily marred as your run of the mill glossy black machines. You can choose your processor depending on the power you require, with choices of Dual Core CPUs if you like to multitask.

What we like least

Most of the restrictions on the Lenovo G560E have been made in the interest of reducing cost, so to complain about them is really to say ‘I wouldn’t mind paying more for…’but nevertheless a computer designed for work and play and that also has an optical drive should really include an HDMI. The G560E is not only lacking these but also a DVI and a DisplayPort, but the addition of a VGA means you can still hook up to a second screen.

The verdict

Overall we found the Lenovo G560E an excellent buy. If your day-to-day tasks aren’t demanding enough for you to spend a lot of money on laptop then why should you? You still get a high functioning computer capable of handling general computing without a problem. It can also double up for entertainment, and to top it all off it looks good too.


Processor Speed

2.3 GHz


Intel Prentium Processor T4500


up to 8 Gb

Screen Size

15.6 inch


Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

Hard Drive Storage

up to 750 Gb




5-in-1 Card reader
Tray-in Rambo drive DVD/CD


1 x VGA
1 x RJ-45
3 x USB 2.0
1 x Headphone/Line out

Weight & Size

(W) 376 x (D) 249 x (H) 34 mm
2.6 Kg



Operating System

Windows 7 Home Premium

Product Description

Lenovo G560E is an entry level machine that is a value buy all-rounder, what caps it off is that it’s also quite a looker, with a handsome pinstripe chassis designed to be durable. With the Lenovo G560E you get VeriFace software so you can use your face as a password for best possible encryption of sensitive data, it monitors head movement if you were wondering so intruders can’t just hold a photo up of your face to access your files.

Lenovo G560E

Lenovo G560E

The Lenovo G560E also stocks a OneKey Rescue System which has revolutionised back and restore, so it’s no longer a fussy discipline, at the push of a button your files will be backed up so should the worst happen they will always be safeguarded in the restore directory.

Lenovo G560E represents the best value for money, it has a range of up to date technologies enabling it to service your computing needs in the office and at home, it has the power to run moderately demanding applications including games which can be excellently played on the Lenovo G560E’s 15.6 inch HD screen.

If you want to find out more about its features, read the PC Site Lenovo G560E review.

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