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Nero MediaHome 4

"you can listen to music, watch movies or look at photos on any device capable of connecting to the network"
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MediaHome 4 is a utility that combines all systems in your house capable of storing entertainment media so that you can listen to music, watch movies or look at photos on any device capable of connecting to the network and displaying it on a screen.

This can function wirelessly allowing you to carry around a laptop and take it outside, so long as it is within range of the home hub, and still keep connected to files from a powered desktop upstairs.

What we like best

This system allows you to play media from a laptop or PC with and XBOX 360 or Playstation 3, enabling you to view videos downloaded elsewhere on your television.

The transfer of these files across devices is made easy with automatic file conversion which makes natural translations between systems so that video and audio can be played in high quality.

Compatible TV devices also allow for free and easy streaming on any computer in the house, transcoding is live so only a short buffer period is necessary before you can start watching your shows or videos.

Your media libraries are all compressed in to one easy search catalogue and this includes the iTunes library, so every personal media file is made available anywhere on the network should you wish it.

What we like least

There is always some difficulty with mere functionality with software like this – wireless routers have a tendency to sometimes play up.

But when you’re buying a system, especially to have computers networked and they just aren’t recognised, it can get frustrating.

‘Buggy’ is too a harsh phrase for the system, when it does work, the connectivity is fantastic having access to any media files currently in your collection.

The verdict

If you have too many media files across a spectrum of systems, or wish to share your music with other users in the house the Roxio’s MediaHome 4 is for you.

Particularly useful in party situations where you want music outside, and a lot of it, you can also make great use of this system if you’re working but want to have some music playing in the background, or take a few minutes to flip through a few photos.

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Stream HD video content, photos and music files to any UPnP or DLNA-compatible media player

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Compatible with


System Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • 200 Mb hard drive space
  • 1.2 GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Sempron
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 32 Mb video memory
  • 800 x 600 minimum resolution
  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • DirextX 9.0
  • 100 Mb Ethernet, WLAN (IEEE 802.11g), or faster

Product Description

Ever had your music on your PC but really wanted to listen to it in your living room? Fancied watching video or scrolling through your photos on your TV, firing up a playlist on your PS3?

With home networking software Nero Media Home, you can transfer data across dozens of devices in the same house.

Automatic transcoding means you don’t have to worry about compatible file formats, as Media Home will handle that all for you.

Media Home works with UPnP™ or DLNA® compatible media players so you can hook up your PS3 or Xbox 360. It also works with Linksys® KiSS 1600, Philips® SL 300i/400i, D-Link® DSM-520

The interface is really simple, giving you a series of set up wizards which then list the devices you have hooked up, channels or stations you can receive, online content etc.

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